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Copper Comfort are well known for the Copper comfort range of joint supports with copper knitted into the fabric giving relief from joint pain.


Copper Comfort has been producing quality products for 25 years, products which have sold all over the world, so it should come as no surprise that they have developed these innovative SmartScreen Gloves.


Where can you wear Smart Screen Gloves?


Any where you would normally wear gloves, which you previously needed to remove to work your smart screen device


Share your suggestion of other end uses for these gloves and let us know your experiences:


"I tried the Smart screen glove when out skiing under my ski gloves that meant that when I used my ipod touch I could just remove my ski gloves without exposing my hand to the cold mountain air"


Jon, Norfolk


"I wear them whilst walking the dogs incase I need to make phone calls whilst out. As I suffer from Raynards disease ( when your finger go numb in the cold weather) I find these gloves very useful."


Sally, Cambs


"I like the fact that these gloves are so light they can go under my fingerless cycling gloves & I can text and change my music easily when I out and about on my bike."


Tim, Hull