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 SmartScreen Gloves


Smart screen devices are part of everyday life, and they need to be used in all weather conditions.


Copper Comfort have developed a new product, a pair of gloves that can still be worn when using your smart phone or touchscreen devices, including ipods, ipads iphones and Blackberry’s. A silver complex has been knitted into the gloves so there are no specific pads on the fingertips needed to make contact with the screen, and the touchscreen device will work effectively with all fingers.


The gloves are soft, stretchy and they keep your hands very warm whilst being thin enough to be able to use your device accurately. They are washable and come in two different sizes S/M and L/XL. They can be worn for a number of outdoor and winter pursuits such as walking, cycling, running or just waiting at the train station.

 SmartScreen Gloves