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SmartScreen Gloves

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Touch screen devices are part of everyday life, and they are used in all weather conditions.


  • Keep hands warm whilst texting
  • Sensitive on all fingers
  • Thin, easy to use and accurate
  • Comfortable, soft and stretchy
  • Silver, highly conductive, antibacterial


SmartScreen Gloves are very thin, soft and stretchy, fitting like a second skin, making them very precise and accurate when using a small touch screen. A silver complex has been knitted into the gloves, so your touchscreen device will work effectively with all 10 fingers. 


SmartScreen Gloves keep your hands very warm and in extreme conditions can be worn as a liner under normal gloves. They are washable and come in two sizes S/M and L/XL.


Touch screen gloves work by conducting bio-electricity from the fingertips to the touch screen device. The majority of touch screen gloves use conductive pads on the fingertips of just 2 or 3 fingers, so can only draw the bio-electricity from the small area of fingertip in contact with the conductive pad. With SmartScreen Gloves, the silver runs throughout the glove making the whole glove conductive, drawing bio-electricity from the whole hand to all 10 fingertips.

SmartSreen Gloves are available for sale on ebay. Free delivery in the UK